Procedural Texturing with GeoGlyph

GeoGlyph's new 460 Satellite Color Tables let you take control of texturing extremely large terrains. The realistic colors, extracted from actual satellite data, will ensure that your palettes always hit the mark.

New Macros

Check out the new power players Canyonizer, GCombiner, SandStripe, and Stratum.

The original Dunes macro is back by popular demand. GeoGlyph 1.3's sequential dunes are now created with the DunesSea macro.

New Samples Worlds

Learn intricate terrain creation and texturing with 13 new sample worlds. These samples represent some of the most sophisticated texturing techniques in WM.

WM Toolbox 1.4

WM Toolbox's overhauled interface features a dedicated Favorites group, new Symbols based display, customization, optional dark theme, and more.

How to update

GeoGlyph 1.4 is an automatic update. Open GeoGlyph Manager, and click the Update button.

If you wish to update later, choose SKIP when the automatic update prompt appears. You can update from the GeoGlyph Manager anytime.


This build improves GeoGlyph Macros, WM Toolbox, and introduces new macros.


  • NEW 460+ new color tables added to World Machine's default (11 color tables)
  • NEW New Colorizer and Set Terrain Color dialogs via Enhanced UI
  • BUGFIX Constant crash issue from GeoGlyph 1.3.5.*
  • BUGFIX 28 user reported issues
  • BUGFIX 65 other bug fixes


  • NEW GCombiner - a variant of the Combiner device, but with mask output (WM2.x only)
  • NEW Stratum - a new simple stratification macro
  • NEW SandStripe - a new sand pattern macro
  • NEW Dunes - the original Dunes macro from GeoGlyph 1.2
  • NEW DunesSea - Dunes 1.3's sequential dunes are now a standalone macro
  • NEW Canyonizer - a Grand Canyon inspired generator
  • ENHANCED ReFlow - new outputs: NaturalWear, NaturalDeposit, and Crevices
  • ENHANCED NeoFlow - new outputs from ReFlow incorporated
  • ENHANCED Talus - rebuilt with a pronounced soil/rock buildup effect
  • ENHANCED Archipelago - refinements; new ocean shelf and seed option
  • ENHANCED EdgeFilter - assign coordinates via device input or through settings
  • ENHANCED EdgeFilter - auto-center and expand to current extents with easy command in Enhanced UI
  • ENHANCED Simplified seed names (eg. Primary instead of Primordial, Surface instead of Tactile)


  • NEW 13 new sample scenes with advanced techniques
  • NEW Visual browser for Samples tab


  • NEW PDF Manual in Help tab


  • NEW Dedicated Favorites group
  • NEW Hide individual macros or devices
  • NEW Toolbar for direct access to commands
  • NEW Choose thumbnail size
  • NEW Choose between icons and Periodic Table style symbols
  • NEW Dark theme option
  • NEW Direct access to Enhanced UI and other commands
  • NEW Generate icons for custom macros that don't have thumbnails
  • NEW Live preview of changed preferences
  • ENHANCED Intrusive balloon tips removed
  • ENHANCED Less intrusive Update downloader
  • ENHANCED Simplified preferences
  • BUGFIX Standard Macro icons were often missing