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GeoGlyph 2's Integrated Development Environment (IDE) wraps itself around World Machine and connects deeply with it, like a suite of power armor. To use the IDE, you must run GeoGlyph from the desktop icon or from the Start Menu, instead of starting World Machine.

Once GeoGlyph launches it will let you select the version of World Machine to launch, and the mode to launch it in.

Starting the IDE

Select "GeoGlyph IDE" to launch the IDE with the selected version of World Machine. The IDE will then start World Machine and embed itself in it.

The Start screen also lets you select recent files, and examples.

Hosted Mode

The Hosted Mode uses a lightweight version of the IDE tools - specifically the Toolbox and toolbar, as well as the Enhanced Device Editor - while allowing you to use the traditional World Machine interface.


You can use World Machine directly, without using the IDE in any form. However, the Enhanced Device Editor, which is necessary for tools such as GeoColor. Nor will Pro tools such as the Build Stack, Toolbox, and other IDE enhancements.

Personalize your IDE

The GeoGlyph Toolbox provides icon choices for both GeoGlyph Icons and traditional World Machine icons, as well as options on which buttons are visible, and how they are displayed. The Enhanced Device Editor provides several default options for the sun and sky system in the editor preview viewport.

You can change these options to customize the IDE to suit your needs.

See GeoGlyph Options for more details.

This documentation is preliminary and is subject to change. Got a suggestion?