QuadSpinner is dedicated to creating tools and technologies that provide artists and studios expediency and realism in environment design.

The company started in 2008 after Dax Pandhi went to visit Cynthia Najim in Costa Rica. Fascinated by the layered landscapes, we began to create believable nature products for 3D artists. That quickly led to producing video trainings and to the release of Dax’s best-seller Realism in Vue. We have taught thousands of artists worldwide, including Dreamwork’s matte painting department at our Master Class in Los Angeles.

We soon identified a big need for artist-friendly software. We developed Helios, an atmosphere plug-in for Vue, and then turned our focus to terrains, launching GeoGlyph, a plug-in for World Machine. The response was remarkable! GeoGlyph has fast become the go-to for artists and studios. It’s used by AAA and indie studios around the world to create iconic environments in games, movies, advertising, as well as architectural visualization.

Along the way, we have also been sought out to create unique scapes for a range of clients, including Activision, Microsoft, NBC/Universal, Paramount, and Sony Entertainment among others.

Our loyal users around the world value our continuing innovation and responsive customer support.

Dax Pandhi

With 20 years in CGI and programming, Dax is a respected teacher, speaker, and author of bestseller “Realism in Vue”. He has trained top industry professionals and contributed to a variety of major titles for film, games, and TV. His work on the critically acclaimed “Battlestar Galactica” franchise earned him the IAWTV award (co-recipient) for best visual effects.

Dax also has an extensive background in User Experience development for complex software, and was awarded Microsoft’s Most Valuable Professional title for 3 consecutive years.

Cynthia Najim

Cynthia’s international business & production experience broaden the company’s perspectives and foundation. She was a key producer on several high profile global events; including the public celebration of the reunification of Hong Kong and China, and the APEC Business Forum in Manila.

Writer and speaker, Cynthia’s wellspring of creativity and her close connection to nature promotes QuadSpinner’s vision. Across platforms, she transforms chaos into beauty and form.