The New Paradigm for Terrain Design

Modern and sophisticated, this standalone terrain creation suite introduces pioneering methods for fast prototyping, artistic control, and realistic results.

Gaea fluently combines the power of procedural construction with the intuitive methods of sculpting, and offers new cohesive workflows.

Early Access available

Multiple Workflows

Choose from layers, graph, and sculpting workflows. Each provides the same high degree of quality, output, and tooling. Artists on the same team can design in different workflows, yet still collaborate on the same terrain.

By empowering artists to select the workflow best suited to their needs or mood, and to easily switch the workflow method at any time, Gaea boosts productivity and enjoyment.

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Release Estimate

Early Access Q1 2018
Final Release Q4 2018

Early Access available

Standalone 64-bit application for Windows® 7/8.1/10