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Open Source + QuadSpinner

We believe in democratizing technology for everyone and support the principles of Open Source Software as well as information.

Open Source Projects

We try to open source several tools we build internally for our own work. Below is a list of some of these tools.

  • Highlighter: a code highlighter for Visual Studio.
  • vsXen: a WPF implemention of ZenCode / Emmet.
  • AngryMonkey: our internal documentation generator.
  • StompingRhino: a WebP command line converter.
  • reuxables: complete WPF products from QuadSpinner's predecessor studio. This is the same technology that powers Gaea's UI.

The Vue Legacy Collection

On our 10th anniversary, we open sourced our entire Vue products collection including multiple hours of learning material, our Master Class: Los Angeles, and the best-selling book Realism in Vue.

Open Source Contributions

We periodically sponsor various open source projects that are in the public interest. Some of these projects include ImageMagick and ImageMagick.NET, The Tabler Project, Flarum.

We are always open to open source collaborations, contributions, and sponsorship. If you are interested, contact us to start a conversation.