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3D DMP Artist


The Gaea Community Edition is a free, fully-featured version with some limitations. If you have purchased Gaea, enter your license key in the Community Edition to unlock additional features.

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Version | Released 17 November 2022 | 45.70MB

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Release Notes

What's new in Gaea

NOTE: We have re-released this version with an updated installer. If you faced a crash while using Gaea, please re-download this version and install it over the previous one.

For more details see the blog post Gaea 1.3.2.


  • RockNoise: a new tool for making rocks.
  • Obj2Heightfield: Import OBJ files and capture them as heightfields.
  • Screenshots: transparent backgrounds, 4x supersampling.
  • Screenshots: save quickly to Screenshots folder with automatic filenames.
  • Screenshots: new dedicated button in Status Bar.
  • Rocky: new mode to make stratified rocks.
  • TOR File thumbnails now smaller JPEGs instead of uncompressed PNGs.
  • Route node revised.
  • More detailed build logs when using automation or Houdini Bridge.
  • Outcrops: defaults tweaked.
  • Show cumulative build time of select nodes in Status Bar.
  • New license management UI in main menu.
  • File node: Gaea EXR checkbox renamed to 32-bit EXR to better describe the function.
  • Added safety warning to Mesher when using Optimized structure.
  • FIX: Optimized mesh output could fail in rare scenarios.
  • FIX: Optimized mesh output could crash in Build Swarm.
  • FIX: Mesh could incorrectly save during design-time.
  • FIX: Mountain could crash if scale was set to 0.
  • FIX: Crumble would cause errors when some values were too low.
  • FIX: Thumbnail files accessed in Start screen would remain locked during session.
  • FIX: Auto Apply in blank file could crash Gaea.
  • FIX: Statistics dialog could display cache size incorrectly.
  • FIX: Several internal bug fixes and memory improvements.


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