Established in 2008, QuadSpinner is the conduit for sophisticated CG environments. We develop expedient terrain design software to empower all artists - mammoth studios, seasoned veterans, indie game developers, and newcomers with talent and vision.

We started creating artist-friendly technology to fill a gap in the industry. That demand led to popular trainings on cutting-edge tools and techniques, which steered us deeper into innovation. Clients including Activision, Microsoft, NBC/Universal, Paramount, and Sony Entertainment sought us out to create environments using our distinct methods.

QuadSpinner has also become synonymous with intelligent, streamlined UI. Giving artists design freedom and complete creative control within a simplified, modern experience is among our core values. To help achieve this, we actively listen to the needs and wish lists of our users, and factor those requests into our planning and roadmaps.

To further support the evolution of artists everywhere, we launched the QuadSpinner Open Source Initiative. A milestone for our 10th year anniversary. Beyond CG assets, we are also open sourcing parts of Gaea's automation framework as well as tools for programming in general.

QuadSpinner's diverse team is spread across Asia, North America, and Russia.

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