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About QuadSpinner

Gaea is the industry's leading terrain design application for VFX, games, and virtual production.

Founded in 2008 near the majestic Volcano Arenal, QuadSpinner is a software studio deeply rooted in a love for nature. Best known for its revolutionary geological simulation application Gaea, the company's software has been instrumental in crafting worlds for major motion pictures, award-winning AAA games, and advanced scientific research by esteemed organizations like NASA. Since its groundbreaking release of Gaea in 2019, QuadSpinner has delivered over 800 feature updates, at least 30% of which were community-inspired, affirming its commitment to user-driven innovation.

Operating as a lean and agile enterprise, QuadSpinner prioritizes rapid, bleeding-edge solutions without the encumbrance of corporate hierarchy. The company is based in Questa, New Mexico and has a diverse and dedicated team spread across Asia, North America, and Eastern Europe. Happily bootstrapped and sustainable, QuadSpinner continually sets new standards in digital terrain design through its collaborative approach with users.

The Core Team

Dax Pandhi
Cynthia Najim
Daniil Kamperov
Parvesh Sharma

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