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The Complete Terrain Solution

Gaea is the industry's leading terrain design application for VFX, games, and virtual production.

Gaea packs geological shapes, sophisticated erosion, snow and river simulations, rock tools, and one of the most comprehensive texture generation packages into simple, intuitive nodes that can be used by anyone with just 10 minutes of learning.

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"Gaea, in my experience, represents the current next-gen tool that is ahead of its time."

Alex Alvarez

Founder & President, Gnomon School

"9 out of 10.

Gaea has gone from strength to strength."

3D World Magazine

Aaron Westwood
Artist Friendly

Complex simulations wrapped into simple, usable nodes.

Gaea features an efficient, minimal, artist-friendly user interface with scientific nodes wrapped in easy-to-comprehend settings. The realtime viewport allows you to see your terrain in crisp detail with previews of up to 16 million polygons.

Aaron Westwood

Alex Alvarez
Andrei Petrukovich
The Elder Scrolls®: High Isle™ - Damien Peinoit / Bethesda / Blur

Matt Whitewood / Aaron Westwood / Sony® PlayStation®
Matt Whitewood / Aaron Westwood / Sony® PlayStation®
Matt Whitewood / Aaron Westwood / Sony® PlayStation®
Project Spotlight

Respawn's Star Wars® Jedi series

Respawn Entertainment brings back visceral lightsaber combat and an exciting new chapter to the Star Wars saga with the Jedi game series. Both Star Wars Jedi: Survivor™ and Star Wars Jedi: Fallen Order™ have been received with rave reviews. We are proud that Gaea was part of their workflow.

Meet the artists.

Non-Destructive Workflow

Our procedural workflow ensures the ability to craft landscapes and iterate with minimal effort.

Gaea features the most advanced graph system in CG terrains, powered by over 150 carefully designed nodes.

Unlike hand-sculpted terrains, you have detailed control over every aspect of the world. Making "root" changes does not require any manual labor. Update any part of the graph and the rest of the terrain will conform.

Multiple biomes created on the same terrain.

A lush Alpine biome with snow, rivers, and lakes.
An arid biome with desert vegetation and sandstone.
A hoodoo-filled rocky biome with a canyon carved by the river.

Construct sophisticated terrains with just a few nodes.
Create infinite mutations that retain the original look.
Easily plan and art direct your environment.
Terrain Construction

Create fully procedural shapes using Gaea's unique primitives, import a hand-painted Unreal terrain, or even turn a 3D model into a terrain.

Gaea's wide array of primitives.
Painted mask.
Imported 3D model.

Change the underlying shape and retain the remaining procedural workflow. You can easily apply the same look to different terrains.

"Gaea has been a complete game changer for me. The time I spend in Gaea has become my favourite part of the process."

Rasha Shalaby

Lead Environment Artist
The Lord of the Rings, 300, Argo, Black Adam

Erosion is the heart of CG terrains. And Gaea delivers the most groundbreaking erosion algorithm in the industry.

Based on complex physics simulations, Gaea creates erosive details in a realistic way. It’s flexible enough to give you artistic control over the look, yet is grounded in real physics. Even if you create a fantasy or alien world, the result will still look believable.

Combine erosion deposits with rock.
Target different erosion types and scales.

Use erosion to drive other shapes and processes.
Create terrains of any arbitrary size.

Aaron Westwood
Beyond Terrains

Drive snow, water, and vegetation simulations based on your terrain. Export the data for use in other applications.

Geology influences vegetation growth. In Gaea, you can craft complex ecosystems for your terrains and drive them with relevant data such as conflicting zones, snow, water, and more. You can set up biome-specific extras including frozen lakes or drying rivers, and change growth patterns by directly linking them to biome drivers like snow melts or floodplains.

Rocks and vegetation simulations can be exported as meshes, masks, or even point-clouds.

Create and preview forest zones. Modify them based on geological factors.
Overlap multiple growths and have them interact differently with the soil and water.
Export masks or point-clouds for each different growth.

Create the most elaborate snow simulations. Use real sunlight to melt the snow.

Create realistic rivers with minimal effort.
Create dead-zones where vegetation cannot grow.
Combine various simulations into complex systems.

"Gaea is one of the most intuitive, user friendly programs I've come across."

Andrew Reeder
Concept Artist
Spider-Man: No Way Home, Avengers: Infinity War, Captain America: Civil War, Avatar

Aaron Westwood
Color Synthesis

Create sophisticated textures using Data Maps and more than 1200 SatMaps.

Gaea contains over 1200 color maps extracted from actual satellite data. You can quickly customize elaborate color maps by layering a variety of maps in combination with Data Maps. Colorizing in Gaea lets you take advantage of geological data that is unavailable in other software.

Use Data Maps to drive color production.
Create elaborate, crisp, and clean maps.

Combine simulations like snow and water to drive color maps.
Preview details with our hyper-precise heightfield render engine.

Use the Cartography node to render beautiful maps.
Mix and match colors and let Gaea blend them naturally with masks.


Prefer to texture in-engine?

Export detailed masks of all aspects of your terrain – including custom PBR maps. These masks will help you texture your terrain in your favorite app.

Combined Render

You can also export various data maps that Gaea produces for textures. Use them to create intricate masks, splat maps, or other forms of texturing.

Water Flow
Terrain Occlusion
Rock Map
Average Sunlight
Gaea Texture Mask

"Gaea replaced every terrain creator in my toolbox. I used to spend hours massaging designs, but with Gaea I achieve the target results in minutes."

Conrad Allan
CEO, MattePaint.com / Senior Matte Painter
Game of Thrones, Logan, Lost in Space
Mountain color map rendered with fully baked lighting (square inset) exported from Gaea into Blender.
Universal Compatibility

Take Gaea terrains anywhere you want, with support for universal formats and all major applications.

You can export your terrains as displacement maps with 32-bit precision or as high quality meshes. Gaea can export equidistant grid meshes with clean quads or with adaptive triangulation that budgets polygons as needed while maintaining a clean topology.

Gaea can also create automatic LODs. With our adaptive triangulation, each LOD is generated with a polygon budget limit as opposed to repeated decimation. This ensures that each LOD is faithful to the silhouette and volume of the terrain.

Houdini users can take advantage of the Gaea-Houdini Bridge that ships with Houdini.

Game engines typically use 16-bit precision. Gaea is future-proof and provides full 32-bit precision for amazingly crisp terrains. Even when exporting 16-bit meshes, Gaea’s higher precision ensures your terrain always looks good.

Mountains and rock formations created in Gaea.
Resulting render in 3dsmax + Vray.

Low-poly rock wall assembly exported from Gaea with PBR maps.
Final render in VRay with all PBR maps combined.

Export meshes made with precise quads or with adaptive triangulation.
Adaptive triangulation budgets polygons only where needed while keeping a clean topology.

Free Updates

Your Gaea license is perpetual.
No subscriptions, no recurring fees.

And tons of free updates!

We believe in "living software" and do our utmost to continue improving a released version as often as we can. Gaea delivered 100+ free updates, many with massive feature upgrades and whole new paradigms of working with terrains.

We also believe you should not have to pay until a major version upgrade is made available.

Gaea ships in 3 editions to fit different workflows and budgets.

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Gaea in Education

Terrain design is an integral part of CG studies, whether in visual effects, games, or virtual production.

Leading academies and universities are now incorporating Gaea into their curricula - CG Spectrum, Gnomon, SAE Institute, Savannah College of Art and Design, University of Quebec, Westerdals Film and Media Oslo, and many more.

The first educational presentation of Gaea was at the Harvard Graduate School of Design.

We offer discounted licensing to academic institutions and to individual teachers and students.

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Student Spotlight

Alder's Bane

At the University of Hertfordshire, a talented group of students created the game cinematic "Alder's Bane" over the span of 9 months. The team conceived the story which was influenced by the cultural landscapes of Siberia and Alaska. The cinematic quality earned them the Excellence Award at The Rookie Awards 2023.

See the cinematic

The creators of Alder's Bane

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Gaea editions fit different workflows and budgets.


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