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Brand Resources

On this page you will find official logos for QuadSpinner and Gaea.

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Logo Usage Guidelines

The following guidelines apply to all QuadSpinner company and product logos.

  • Color: Use the original colors; no alterations.
  • Size: Minimum width 50px for digital, 0.5 inches for print.
  • Spacing: Maintain a clear space of at least 10px around the logo.
  • Background: Use on light backgrounds; if on dark, use the white or inverted version.
  • Modifications: No rotation, skewing, or additional elements.
  • The logo must not be larger than the title elemnents or any other logos, especially your own.
  • File Type: Use vector (.SVG) for scaling; bitmap (.PNG) for web.
  • Whenever possible, use ™ or (TM) after the first use of QuadSpinner or QuadSpinner Gaea.
  • When appropriate, mention that "QuadSpinner™, QuadSpinner Gaea™, and related logos are trademarks of QuadSpinner."

Follow these guidelines for consistent and accurate brand representation.